Canning Lake Property Owners Association Inc.

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Sailing on Canning Lake is alive and well. All around the lake are sailboats of various shapes and sizes just waiting for another ride. Whether you prefer a wild , windy afternoon flight or a slow evening cruise, Canning Lake provides it all. Participants get out and have fun on the water, burn no fuel, create no pollution, all very economically. If you look very closely, you can almost see Canning Lake smiling as much as the sailors themselves. Once a year, everyone is encouraged to come out and enjoy the sailing regatta held on the Sunday of the Civic Holiday weekend. A great time is had by all.

See you on the water,

Dave Dennis - Commodore
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With the help of these photos and description by Roger Saarimaki we can see that sailing on Canning Lake has been popular for many years.

The sailboat was built in 1933-34 by Paul Saarimaki's dad, and was all hand made, the boat, the mast and boom and the sail. Paul's father was a tailor so he had access to sone heavy duty sewing machines to make the sail. He called it the Fanny Dunker and it was used a lot to take guests out sailing from Rest Point Lodge. The closest up picture shows Roger's mother, Evelyn Saarimaki sailing it but you can see the hand hewn boom and the hand made sail in the photo. The other picture shows is out on the lake. Both pictures likely from the early 1940's. It has been said that it was the first sail craft on the lake that anyone could remember. Submitted by Roger Saarimaki.
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